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Found 14 results

  1. Voltz 1.12.2 is now open! The giant update is FINALLY out. ip: Download the pack:
  2. Currently all of our servers are shut for maintenance. A major overhaul of the network is currently underway. For all updates and latest info please join our discord: Our servers: Voltz: Voltz 1.12.2: <- Major update soon!
  3. Can I get a number 4, with extra dip, then 2 number 8's and a number 3 with a large dr.pepper. Make sure to add fries with all of those. thanks
  4. Oblivion Networks Update 19/01/2019 Hello, Well this is going to be a fairly long post so here is what i'm going to be talking about: Operation Phoenix Reveal Voltz Update Tekkit Legends Update Celebratory Sale Giveaways! Staff team changes Special staff requests Operation Phoenix Reveal: Voltz 2.0 View the trailer here Voltz 2.0 is an updated version of Voltz using the same core mods such as ICBM and Atomic Science (Now called Nuclear Physics). It also uses updated versions of mods like Mekanism and Applied Energistics 2.It also introduces some new mods such as Big Reactors, Thermal Expansion, Open Modular Turrets, Extra Cells 2 and Extra Utilities. How do I get Voltz 2.0? Install the Technic Launcher Go to Modpacks Search Voltz 2.0 and install it or use There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. There are also new Donor perks on Voltz 2.0. Master+ Now has access to /warp DonorRoom which includes exclusive perks such as the ability to play slots. Noble+ now has access to /warp Noble which is an extended shop. Voltz 2.0 is a seperate server and Voltz will be staying open thus the ranks will not transfer. However if you wish to transfer your rank and perks you can for a fee. To Transfer your rank is costs $25, additionally you can transfer any extra eligible perks you have too for an extra $10. You can’t just transfer perks by themselves, the perk addon is only available as an addon to the rank transfer. Perks not eligible for transfer are: Basic God Tools Advanced God Tools Basic God Armour Advanced God Armour Basic ME Kit Advanced ME Kit Unlimited Homes We have patched many issues with 1.7.10 mods (i.e. trackers and quantum assemblers); However, there are still some issues, most notably with Nuclear Physics power generation. If you find an issue, please contact a staff member and we will start working on a patch for it. With respect to Nuclear Physics - In the meantime try out Big Reactors, they produce more power anyway. Voltz Update The PvP mine recently encountered some issues but these have been resolved and it has now been re-opened There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Tekkit Legends Update On Tekkit Legends numerous items have recently been unbanned such as all items that bypass claims have been unbanned in the mine world only. The rainmaker has also been unbanned on both servers. Quarries limited to 4 per person, refer to pinned forum post. For more information on Legends bans please refer too Random TP has also been re enabled on Legends with a cooldown of 10 minutes, the ward wild builds have also been updated and there are now 4 warp wilds. Staff are needed! Tekkit legends is slightly short-staffed and we would love some new applicants. Apply on our forums to help the network, make friends in the staff team and learn more about Legends etc. There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Celebratory Sale! To celebrate the all new updates and the release of Voltz 2.0 we will be putting a sale on all servers across the network so you can gear up to explore the new lands brought by the update. The sale won't last for long so act fast. Giveaway! We are giving 3 sets of 10 Event Keys to be eligible for this giveaway all you have to do is fulfill the following criteria: Sign up to our website which can be found at Like and follow our modpack which can be found here After you have done the above please comment below with your, Website and Technic username and you will be entered into the draw! The winner will be picked at random in a week from now! If you are reading this on discord please go to the website and comment your details in the comments section for the news post Staff Team Changes In this update we have also had changes to our staff team, some of the most noticeable changes are: Defuse has returned as an Operations Manager KillfalconGames has returned as an Operations Manager Exiled is now a Voltz 2.0 JrAdmin Fish1062 is now a Voltz 2.0 Moderator KvbUnited is now a Voltz Moderator The_Scout_999 is now a Tekkit Legends Moderator Congratulations to all of you on your promotions! Special Staff Requests The network is in need of the following type of staff members which will have a special role that is not in the general staff area: Builders - We are in need of builders to create amazing spawns and monuments for the ever growing network, as a builder you will work as part of a team creating any required buildings for all the servers. Event Coordinator - This rank involves creating events for the server in the build world, these events can be whatever you design. Developer - Whether it be web development or plugin development both are very important roles and as the network grows larger more will be required to create custom content to create enjoyable experiences for the players. If you are applying for Builder please follow the build application template and submit your application. Please do the same if you are applying for Developer, however if you are applying for Event Coordinator please DM Defuse#2618 on Discord. We are always looking for general staff roles on all our servers, apply on our website here.
  5. It is now December and on the websites News page it only has the monthly top voters from February. Might make it better if you let more people know that if they get top voter of the month, they get $15 store coupon and keep on top of updating the website.
  6. ROUND 2: (24th November 2018) @ 22:00 GMT/ 16:00 CST / 17:00 EST / 00:00 EET Do you think you're the best pvper on the server? This is your opportunity to prove that! Every saturday(hopefully), I (and other staff) will be holding a giant server-wide battle. The battle will last 30 minutes and the last player alive wins the jackpot of money! This week the battle is being held at our new CUSTOM MADE ARENA!! "Ring of fire" made by @Mrkibbles and @Edgar The current jackpot total is: $3,400,000.00 (subject to increase) ~Please do /pay EdgarP01 <donation> to add to the pot!~ Of course to make things fair there will be a couple of rules: Always do what the staff tell you to do, their decision is final. Don't argue. Listen to the the broadcasts! It will be updating you on new rules and who's in or out. If you die, you are out. No lives ~ unless specified. If you keep coming back to the arena to kill people expect to be barred from the competition/prize. Leaving the arena/logging out will mean you're disqualified. Keep checking this post for updates. Where will this be? This event will be held at /warp arenas then at the "Custom arena 1". KeepInventory is enabled for this arena. Who can take part? Anyone!! However, we are not separating out skill levels. Therefore you will be up against the strongest people. Make a faction and team up to take the stronger players down! I don't want to fight, I just wanna watch! Sure, come along and watch. PM whoever is running the match to let them know ~ however that staff member will not ensure your safety. You can still die. RESULTS: Battle date Winner Winnings 16/11/2018 UnraidablebaseXD $3,400,000 24/11/2018 ? ? This post may be updated at any time. Last update 13:50 GMT 23/11/2018
  7. Some advice for new player to the server and maybe people who have played the server a bit but need a brush up on some major no, no's. I plan on making four more videos on same basic setups that I see people always asking about. A link to it:
  8. I cannot believe the pure disgusting misogyny and racism I encountered on this ******* server. The admin (Ljub) asked me some very personal question I told him I was a women and black. ***CENSORED FOR OBSCENE LANGUAGE*** THIS IS NOT THE END Lots of love Keith
  9. News

    We're now hosting a build event on Voltz! Recently we had a suggestion I took into consideration for an event. Our /warp trade is getting quite old and I believe it has the potential to be replaced! Depending on the builds in this event we will most likely be replacing our /warp trade with a build from a member of the community! Build Requirements: Lots of room to prevent the feeling of being cramped. Working trade rooms with functioning locking mechanisms on the doors to prevent theft when trading. Room for ender chests to be placed. At least 4 trade rooms (preferably more). No more than 8 trade rooms. Build must be aesthetically pleasing. Your build must be completely original and not copied. No entrance or exit, it must be a fully enclosed area. Once you believe your build is complete contact me directly with exact coordinates of your build or you can catch me online and I will save your build! This event ends on July 17th and the winner will be chosen shortly after that. The reward is a $50 coupon for our network shop! Our current warp trade has served it's purpose quite well and has been around for a long time. We wish you luck and hope to see some great builds within the next few weeks. The winner will be chosen by me and other senior staff. Happy Building!
  10. I moved my base recently and i started to build a fission reactor just because i can. I built a dynamic tank to collect the waste from the reactor with the inside dimensions of ~6 x ~6 x 4 placing the final piece to the tank instantly caused my game to crash. this tank is in 4 different chunks at once so if some one is able to regenerate the one chunk that the tank is in and the rest of my base isn't in then i think the crash loop can be fixed without loosing my whole base. more information: my base is just named /home "~" means estimated or not 100% sure my ingame playername is Trigger_Happy321
  11. There is not easy way of seeing the rules of what you can and cant do on a space station. i looked on the forums and found no rules easily posted about the station rules. I built one and had a matrix with a kill mod in on it and didn't know until a chat-mod got angry that i had it up there. i ask what was wrong and he said it was me and told me that i couldn't have kill mod on a space station so i took it out and informed the mod of my change and thanked him/her for the information. before i could ask if i needed to give back the lost items in the chest above the matrix the mod had logged off the server. i don't mind that if our stuff was destroyed or raided i want the rules to be posted better so the next player like me that looks and just cant find the rules on what they can and cant do on a space station doesn't get temp banned for a few days. can you please make the rules more available to find? thank you for your amazing server and mod. i plan on donating again soon to this server because you have great players and good rules. nothing to unfair.
  12. Upcoming holiday-season events for Tekkit Legends Hi everyone, Tekkit-Legends will be hosting a few events throughout the Christmas season this year. These are listed below so you know what's coming up. More information will be given as the events begin. Christmas Build Event (PvE) Due to popular demand, a building competition to build the best Christmas-themed display will take place in the week preceding Christmas Day, on Legends-PvE. More info to be posted when it begins. Prizes will be given out to the players who receive the most votes. Please note that there is no point trying to get a head-start by beginning now, all work will have to be build from scratch, and completely original. Christmas Raid Event (PvP) Running simultaneously with the PvE event, Legends-PvP will be hosting a Raid Event, during which a number of small Christmas-themed buildings will be hidden around the server, with prizes inside. New Years Eve Event (Both Servers) Taking place on both servers during New-Year's, a variety of small games, giveaways etc will be provided throughout the day on both servers. I hope to see plenty of you there! Keep an eye on these forums and our discord server for more information when the events begin. If you have any thoughts or questions, let me know below.
  13. My friends and I wanted to play some Voltz so we joined the old server we liked to play on. We made our new faction called GapeTown, the name seemed fun and is a joke among us. Our description was along the lines of "Gape or be Gaped". Understand though Gape may sound like Rape, it has no correlation, definition: Definition of Gape I was banned by titanic123 after he wanted us to change the name. The name broke no rules and meant no harm to anybody, but he pestered us until he banned us for refusing. I never made any harsh argument to him, I was polite and told him how it meant nothing offensive and was much better than some of the other faction names. My account name is JCaL_81, I am a donator and longtime player of Oblivion, and I was banned for following the rules and respectfully explaining to a moderator what our faction name meant and why it was acceptable. 1) Your in game name (IGN): JCaL_81 2) When were you banned?: 9/30 (~8:20 PST) 3) Why were you banned?: Staff member decided the faction name GapeTown was offesnive 4) Who banned you (if known)?: titanic123 5) Why should we unban you?: I broke no rules. Someone might say I argued, but if telling titanic what the name means is arguing then whats the point of playing? 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): non 7) Server: Voltz
  14. So with the pending reset sometime this week on the Voltz server, I wonder what will be everyone's first thing they plan to accomplish afterwards.