This is a suggestion for the Voltz server.

So, everybody reading this has probably been to /warp trade at least once in their life. And if so, I think we can all agree-- it's ugly, crammed, and quite old. Sure it "get's the job done", but it doesn't match spawn or any other public space. It's outdated. It's small, and really not that pretty (no offense). Meanwhile, everything else has been getting updates. A new spawn, a new arena, new staff boards. A new shop. It feels like /warp trade is missing out on some well-deserved love, even though it's quite a popular place.

So I'm suggesting we hold a build competition for a brand new /warp trade!


Thank you for your time,


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I like this idea but we will have to wait on this because I am soon leaving for a long vacation and won't be able to monitor this competition while I don't have a computer.


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