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What is your In Game Name?


What is your time zone?


When are you available?

I'll be available from 5pm - 3am most days of the week when I have work. Weekends would be completely free.

What time can you dedicate to programming on week-days and week-ends

As I have commitments with work as a software engineer placement student for a company during the week I'll have to say that I will be available about 5 hours during the week and 10-15 hours during the weekend, unless that no other commitments arise. This will change within the next mid year as I will be returning to university to complete my final year.

When did you first start playing Minecraft? (Answer in depth)

All information will be checked

I started playing minecraft around 2012 initially it played within the vanilla servers for a year or 2, then I slowly i made my way into the modded minecraft server community, since then I have been playing between servers, meeting there communities and people. Been on and off the game due to university, however I am able to focus and balance my time out more due to my work.

What experiences do you have programming?, What programming languages are you familiar with? (Answer in depth)

I dedicate my time to learning and improving my programming consistently everyday from my currently work placement, also as I'm still a student, I'm involved/have been involved with a number projects in and outside of my course.

I study Computer Science at University where I have came across and built up much experience with many different types of programming languages which involve:

  • Web development/Design: JavaScript, PHP and SQL
  • Application Development: Java,
  • Other applications with web development/design involve experience with Word-Press.

What would you rate your knowledge of these programming languages (1-10)? and why?

  • JavaScript 7/10 : 2/3 years worth of experience with this language particularly and used it within multiple projects.
  • PHP 8/10 : 2 years experience with this language. This would be one of my strongest languages as web to database interaction is rather interesting to me.
  • SQL 9/10 : I see working with databases as simple and not very challenging.
  • Java 7/10: I have been involved with several projects that involved Java, such as mobile applications for android and GUI design.

What API's are you familiar with? What would you rate your knowledge of these API's (1-10)? and why?

I am mainly familiar with the Bukkit API and have been meaning to more research into it, I am also willing to learn others if necessary/

Bukkit API 4/10 seems very straight forward to get going with it, I do lack experience with it however I am a fast learner when it comes with java applications.

Why should you be a Developer? Why do you want to be a Developer? (Answer in depth)
I wish to drive myself to advance my programming skills outside of my work and to keep myself busy, I see doing this as an opportunity to focus more on work rather doing nothing in my free.

I have a decent amount of history with this server and not been active for a while. However I wish to help out as much as possible if needed now that I have the skills to do so.

Who are you?
Give us a little information on yourself

My name is Ben McManus,

I am from the United Kingdom,

I'm 21 years old.

I used to play on this server from the day it was created and I was a previous builder(not a good one) on the server.

I am currently a student studying computer science.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Leadership/Teamworking : I have much experience IRL and within the online community working with others on small projects in and outside of my time as a student.

Open Minded: I am always open to suggestions and new ideas from others in and outside of my team and I like to look into how some outside of the box ideas could be applied to projects.


I can be quite a control freak when it comes to completing a task within a group, even if I do trust people I work with I still expect everything to be done right.

Source code of previously developed applications/plugins/mods will be requested as proof of your knowledge, it may be sent through a PM.

I can show some code from projects that I have worked with in the past if needed.


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