Okay I think I have the clearest Envision for a project ever since.

I have a spleen for concept making so here it is:

Through the lack of a real PvP Arena I thought of fusing the two elements of the pvp and the mine together in a map thats actually pleasing in strategical diversity and has objectives that are worth to fight for.


Map 1


No power Armor

No invis

No S Mines

No Rocket Launcher

reset Timer 30 minutes

Is an underground tunnel system with ores and roots and multiple biome-like rooms.

Every room is a spawnpoint for  certain resources and offers good places to hide and seek your enemies.


Map 2

Power Armor Allowed

No Invis

Reset Timer 30 minutes

This Map offers very wide and Open Areas that you can just access with a power Armor.

On some peak spots will stand railguns with ammo to shoot at certain Ore Spots players usually visit.

This way is ensured that mining is still dangerous because you wont really see if someone is there.

At certain Walls there are holes or windows where you can use the Blink Drive to cross a wall or change a Room over a good distance to avoid attacks. 

The Ore Spots will be large enough to let players stay there for a little while, because every Ore Spot has different oresets like redstone and Lapis together. 


Map 3 

Duel Map

Time Limit 10 min

A Map for a very limited amount of players which can be entered like a qeue with a script.

Playerlimit 10

This makes Clan Battles Possible which alone sounds really awesome.

In here should be the really good shit thats already refined to the great quantitys like full blocks.

The Map size is not very wide and the map has an Arena like touch to it.


This way pvp and mining are both attractive to the players because of the following reasons.

Whenever someone gets killed in the Arena it can attract players because they see in chat and they know youre vulnerable at mining places

This other idea was that this is meant as as voltz play and battlegrounds that are going to be used because the players need the recources.



Maybe you could add your addition of supposed ups and downs to this Idea. That would be my joy

When this get approved of you guys I would start appealing for Builder and start doing it and even considering taking co helpers for this project


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Some nice ideas but you are aware of /warp arenas...

I do think this would be slightly OP, the server does tend to have times where there are >5 players online and therefore these arenas would be potentially empty - therefore free OP resources which are undefended. 

I DO AGREE, that some sort of external battleground with varied terrain (500x500) which regularly resets - an area where people can just battle the crap outta the other. This place would have all explosives enabled etc too. 

Good suggestions.




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Posted (edited)

Oh thanks for the info about warp arenas

Actually never been there and havent seen it yet. I will look inside when I get home, maybe i can get more inspiration from it.


So you say that mineable Ores in this case would be a bad idea?

If it would be like a preset field like in the actual mines it wont matter right? I see that if we have multiple rooms with approximately 5 ore fields it would indeed be too much free resource.

so What if we add a Rule that if you leave an arena map you cant enter it until it resets. Wouldnt this encourage players to stay in the map longer to get the maximum amount of Ores with the balanced downside of being vulnerable? Maybe a chat announcement whenever a player enters the arena would be a good idea as well.


Edited by Kevven990

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I can definately see what you meant with the arenas. Theyre really good!

I will focus on the large scale Battleground alittle more.

maybe a CnC Style battle map sounds nice


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I do really like the ideas. However, the problem is server-side implementation would be really difficult and would be a really large project. Sadly, i just don't see it happening.


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Server side implementation would be oblivions job then anyway, and I think he knows how to code some little scripts.

Lets say there is multiple dimensions, overworld, mines, nether, end, arenas ect.

It shouldnt be too hard to make another dimension or to build that map in an already existing one.


I tinkered around in creative mode and found out that you can build buildings super fast with MFFS projectors, so that process is shortened exponential. The only really time consuming thing should not be the building of two bases but the landscapes


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Because the Idea shifted from Arenas to battlegrounds im going to open a new post where we can pont out this idea.



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