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At first I had an idea for Arenas but now that I know we already have that the Idea shifted to battlegrounds.

Please consider this post as a WIP

Before I appeal for builder I first would like to have a well thought concept thats gotten approved, otherwise it wouldnt be worth the effort I think.

What I want to do with this post is collect ideas and inspiration, and pointing out what kind of scripts we would need for this kind of project. so the one who writes these has a list of tasks to do, saves a lot of work.

I would like to know who is responsible for this servers scripts.

Some players agreed with me on the point that we could use some kind of battlegrounds map, so here is my 2 cents.




A map of large scale at least 200x200

to “battle the crap out of each other“

Where all kinds of weapons and explosives are allowed maybe you can even get them per objectives or produce them in the pre buildt base.

Map resets of course

Consisting of two overground and partially underground bases that have been build in a Command and Conquer Style (damn voltz shares so much similarities with that franchise)

This can be achieved by copying landscape with world edit and then building the base

The map should be warfare oriented and offer strategical diversity. Like pointed out in my previous post. With blink drive shortcuts, power armor accesible areas and railguns on hills to shoot at players from far away.



King of the Hill

Capture the flag

Gather resources


If I think about the scripting aspect I would say the Deathmatch mode should be the easiest to achieve,

just set a spawnpoint for participants and a point counter for each team.

Win condition would be a certain amount of points.

But that would add the need of a qeue for the map because you can just add points to your counter if there are enough players.


If we say have a gather resources mode then the Objective would be to collect and produce a certain amount of them and put them in a box. Whichever team gets these first wins, would provoke fights over resources. But adds the need of a script that prevents you from bringing the resources right away into the map without blocking your power armor tho.


Thats it for now, more in a couple hours, and of course this is still a WIP



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