IGN: Pvt_Sullivan

Current Rank: Centurion

Issue:I have played on the server for a while now, and have been through multiple resets. In one of those resets, not sure which one or how it happened, I lost 4 days of AR Rank time. Since then I have accumulated 2 days of in-game time on the server. Technically I should be a commander with 6 days, where I had 4 days and centurion, those got wiped, and I have re-accumulated 2 days through play (should have ~6 days and 7 hours, rank Commander). I hope I can have this time restored as losing 96 hours of play time (4days) is quite a lot of time, especially in respect to ranking up even more as time goes on. Below you will find a few screens shots attached.             -  Thanks,Pvt_Sullivan





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