Oblivion Voltz

Player you are reporting's IGN:


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KvbUnited & IsaNova

Infraction Committed:

Invalid punishment. (I did not say anything wrong, I should not have been punished for what I said.)

Date of Infraction:



Before the first screenshot, I said "Thank you Edgar for doing what Slim is incapable of.". I got a warning for this from EdgarP01, which was already kind of unwarranted due to the situation. Context: A player was repeatedly asking (=spam) why he was banned from the Discord, with IIISlim not giving any response whilst being active. After me personally telling him multiple times to make a forum post, I got annoyed and used two (2) swear words. Tame ones, at that. He got angry, IIISlim picked it up, and gave us both a 'warning'. Not going in on the spam, or the question of the player. Unfortunately I can't provide a screenshot of this anymore as it was too long ago, so my report is (mostly) about the latest punishment that EdgarP01 gave me; that resulted in a mute.

I strongly believe a mute was unwarranted, and EdgarP01 should not have punished me. Please look at the screenshots provided, and what lead up to the eventual mute.

The screenshots should further speak for themselves. Note: Please read from top to bottom. They are in chronological order that way.

Evidence of Infraction:


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