What Server are you applying for?

Oblivion Voltz
What is your In Game Name?

What is your Discord name?
King Charles#2618

What is your time zone?

When are you available?
Solid few hours each day if the week

What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable)
My time does not track since most of my time was gained as a Manager where time is not tracked, but probably over 100 days, ingame rank is Optimus

When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth)
All information will be checked I started playing Minecraft when it came out on xbox and modded packs soon after

What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth)
Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill?
I was SrAdmin on Amplified Voltz
I was Operations Manager of Oblivion Voltz for 2 years, I assisted in the creation of the server

Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth)
I want to rejoin the staff team because I am back playing voltz again and feel I could easily combine playing with staff duties, I feel I will be able to use my experience in both Management and as a normie player to assist the staff team to the best of my ability.

Who are you?
My name is Charles, I'm northern, I'm also a Home Bargains Professional

What is your Age?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two

The Donor Store
Staff Team Management


Nerd stuff (Code, anything that requires brain power and does not involve ££££)
Being nice

Additional Information (optional)
KillfalconGames, Exiled and Anvil are coming back, its a reunion


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