What Server are you applying for?


What is your In Game Name?

ExiledEdits my /nick is Exiled

What is your TeamSpeak Name?

Exiled (However the TeamSpeak has been closed). My Discord ID is Exiled#1337

What is your time zone?

UTC- 05:00 also know as Eastern Time Zone

When are you available?

I'm available 24/7 via discord.

What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends

Weekdays- 2:00 pm to 2:00 am,
Weekends- Most of the time. (Unless I'm sleeping or have family over).

What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable)

I'm currently a Optimus with 55 days and 2 hours of this post.

When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth)

I started playing Minecraft when it was released on Xbox 360 in 2012. I went to my friends house and he showed me the game. When i got home i begged my mom to buy it for me and she did. I played it for about a year and a half straight then took a break because i got bored. Around this time it was Christmas and i asked for a laptop. The spoiled brat that i was i got it. I also got Minecraft for it. This was when i discovered YouTube and saw YouTubers playing with mods. I was very intrigued so i decided to try it out myself. I found Technic Launcher and proceeded to download various mods (I;m sorry i cant quite remember them of the top of my head) I was looking for missile mods and stumbled across Voltz. I fell in love and mostly played creative. I then ventured into a server where a group of people welcomed in and taught me the basics of the game. From there i continued to learn and study the wiki. I took a break then came back stronger then ever. And that brings us to present day.

What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth)
Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill?

I've been Manager on our the Voltz Server, This pretty much entailed dealing with server issues, applications, staff, buycraft, etc. Along with this I have also staffed on both Tekkit Legends servers reaching JrAdmin on one and ChatMod on the other. These just entailed to dealing with chat situations and lag. I wasn't a abusive manager despite what things may have been said about me. Of course I have regrets and made mistakes but that just made me learn more from said mistakes. My entire outlook on what a staff member does/means has completely changed from 2016 when I first applied.

Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth)

Where to start with this one... My main reason would be because when I'm online I often see players breaking rules while staff are either offline, AFK, or just not paying attention. While making a player report on the forums and notifying staff on discord is a immediate option, It can take time to get a reply and or the person being punished. If I was staff I could strike swiftly and deal Justice. Some players often have questions and need assistance with their base. As a player they don't trust me since I can just go to their base and raid them. As staff there are rules which prevent this from happening. I guess you could say that another reason for me wanting to rejoin is it's quite sad to see the network in its current state. I often enjoyed the process of dealing with punishments/punishing people. Along with this could be meeting and talking to other staff. I've met and made friends with many staff from the past and still play/talk to them today. I've also noticed that the server is clearly lacking the staffing power with either inactive staff or some staff not understanding the punishment system in play. (this is not meant as an attack to the staff team its just a common fact.) 

Who are you?

My named is Dylan, I'm a Sophomore in High School, I enjoy playing video games of all kinds. Overall I'm a pretty chill guy who has a good sense of humor. I'm currently aiming to go into the IT industry after high school since this I enjoy working with all types of tech in my free time. I also have been enjoying modelling and editing so maybe I will strive into that direction once I hit college. 

What is your Age?


What are your strengths and weaknesses?


• I have a very charming personality and laugh (That's what everyone tells me).
• I can calmly assess a situation and find a outcome that can benefit both parties.
• I'm trained in CPR, My mother works for Veterans Affair so I have a decent knowledge of Nursing. 
• I have a very good sense of humor. I laugh at almost anything and everything (Yes, This can be a really big issue in some cases).


• I type fast so I often make grammar mistakes.
• Somewhat shy when getting to know new people IRL while online I have really no trouble.
• I'm very reluctant when it comes to trying new foods. I usually stick to my classics like Grilled Cheese.
• I'm not very organizer friendly. My desk is usually a mess with papers and important documents spread out everywhere.

Additional Information (optional)

I'm 6.2 so I'm a decent height for my age. I have a alt named Equinoxes that's a King. This is going to be a bigger reunion than the spice girls.


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