What Server are you applying for?

Oblivion Voltz (


What is your In-Game Name?


What is your TeamSpeak Name?

My TeamSpeak name was Anarchy, seeing as it isn't around anymore my Discord is Anarchy#2759 if that will suffice. 

What is your time zone?

Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC -5

When are you available?
What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends.

I'm available nearly every day for an hour or more except for when I have work, most of the time my schedule is dependable but may vary between being on during the day or late at night.

(I'm going to be away starting December 6th to the 17th as a fair warning.)


What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable)

My in-game rank is currently Optimus, my in-game time would likely put me around Prince though /AR Check does it no justice since most of my time accumulated while I was staff and therefore didn't count.


When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth)
All information will be checked.

I've played Minecraft for around 6+ years, same with modded Minecraft.  As for Voltz itself, I'd say about 2 and a half years since I only ever started playing it during my past time in the network.


What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth)
Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill?

Firstly, I was 'Super Admin' (technically SrAdmin for OBNW standards) on a vanilla server called DragonClaw when I first started playing Minecraft actively 6 or so years ago.  Unfortunately, that server died out long ago, I was also a Helper briefly on Crimson Tides.  More recently, I was Pixel Manager, FTB Infinity Moderator and then eventually OP-Manager on Oblivion Networks all through a span of 3 and a half years.  What I did during my time in these roles involved Staff Team Management, Buycraft/Tebex Store Management, Website Management, enforcement of rules amongst players and giving proper punishment and solving problems among many other things.  


Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth)
Please answer thoroughly

In all honesty, I wish to help the network again.  I feel like my experience as a staff member would make me quite useful in the team and due to recent complications I may be able to take some of the load off of current staff members.   I want to be a Helper because I feel like I'm not doing anything productive as an actual player despite just recently throwing myself back into the mix.  I don't want to watch from the sidelines anymore as I have been albeit silently for the last 4 to 5 months, I'd rather do the things I do best.


Who are you?
Give us a little information on yourself.

I'm an avid gamer, a now part time truck driver and a freelance coder (more recently).  I live in the United States, more specifically Michigan.  I have undying loyalty toward many things as well as undying grudges toward others but that shouldn't be too concerning.


What is your Age?

I'm 21 years old.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two.



  • Natural Leadership Skills
  • Loyalty
  • Previous High Ranking Staff experience
  • Able to make calm and well thought decisions under pressure
  • Patient
  • Impeccable Language Skills


  • Introvert Personality
  • Mute, unable to voice chat
  • Quick to anger at times, mostly when rudely bossed around
  • Terrible Memory and General Forgetfulness

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