Hello Players of Voltz Oblivion
Guerilla Raiding is now looking for active members.

What do we offer as a faction?

You want to be a boss of some kind?
You want to manage our infrastructure?
Then we are the right place for you!
We can offer you a discord server with active players and various Teams

What are our goals?

We want to build a infrastructure of different bases run by managers. These bases are supposed to help each other in resource requests.

What will be your job?

At first you will be builder in one of our teams. Your job will be helping out building the base and when the base is fully operational we can talk about expanding to another base and you will become manager of your own faction base with your own Team of builders.

What do we expect from you?

You have to be online on at least 2 days a week.

You should be at least 16 years old.

You should pledge loyality to our faction.
Being a traitor will mark you on our blacklist even in other factions. We all have discord...

You should at least know the basics of voltz.

If you are not a donator you need to home in your teams base because of the lack of another sethome. If you already have a great base you can skip being a builder and manage your own team of builders by donating your base to the faction.

You need to join our discord server when you get approved.

For your application you need to fill out this formular:

Who are you and how would you describe yourself? (2 or 3 sentences) 

What are you good at in Voltz?

What are your weaknesses?

When will be your average online times?

What do you want to do in our faction?

If youre donating your homebase please answer the following: 

What purpose has your homebase?

Which machines do you run in your base?
(please try to be accurate)

What plans do you have for that base?

After applying I will send you a private message where you will get your discord invitation.

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