Absolutely trolling players and completely gets away with it. He is supposed to be a staff but decides that ruining other players experiences is an acceptable thing to do. I understand that raiding is normal but setting up a matrix so the player cant even return to his space station is unnecessary and just ruins the game experience. I really would love to play more but this staff member just decided to dedicate time for no other reason that to prove that he could ruin me if he wanted despite already having far more resources.


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If you wish to report staff member for abusive behavior please make a formal report in the correct section, with relevant evidence.

When raiding someone's base it is not against the rules to place a matrix in the remains, and in fact this is a fairly common practice. The fact that Bunny is staff is totally irrelevant as he is just doing something that any player can do if they wish. Other than matrices not being allowed to kill people in the spawn location, they are totally allowed in space stations, regardless of who owns them.

Voltz can be a tough modpack, and getting raided or killed is basically the whole point of it. Its rough for beginning players in a server but that's what makes it work.


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