What Server are you applying for?

I am applying for the Voltz server

What is your In Game Name?

My in game name is BlackWaterPMC

Discord: BlackWaterPMC #5331

What is your TeamSpeak Name?


What is your time zone?

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

When are you available?
What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends

The minimum I would come online the server during a weekday is 2 hours, more than likely it would be more. During the weekend I would be willing to dedicate anywhere from 5 - 9 hours a day. This of course is reliant on no family emergencies. I would contact a superior if I had to be absent for more than a day.


What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable)
My current in game rank is admiral and my donator rank is donor.


When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth)
I first started playing Minecraft when I was very little. Probably around 7 years ago. My first journey into technic was somewhere between 5-6 years ago. I started out by playing hexxit, second was pixelmon (which lasted a few years) than finally I am at Voltz, which is my favorite of all. I have been playing Voltz specifically around 3 years. I don't ever plan on leaving Voltz as I have a deep love for the modpack. Keep in mind these are rough estimates.


What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth)

I have extensive experience moderating, managing, and owning servers. I have moderated and have been an administrator on a countless number of servers and have been manager on 3. I have owned a few servers here and there but owning was just not for me. Most of these moderation's were on Voltz servers but am not currently moderating any due to all of them being shut down. Two of my managing positions were on Voltz and the other one was vanilla.

Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill?

As I said in the previous question I have moderated many servers. The main objective of these moderating positions were to keep balance in the chat and to help people when needed. When the time called a few bans were placed here and there but those were few and far between in my experience. My time as admin which was also mentioned above, was more focused on catching hackers and debugging issues. In the duration of me being an admin, bans were placed fairly regularly.


Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth)
Please answer thoroughly

I believe I would make an excellent member of the staff team considering I have already been a staff member on the team before and have learned so much since then. From my experience as a staff member on many servers I know the commands and when to use them. A lot of the time a staff member is not online when they need to be for something and they just aren't available, I want to help minimize the times that is the case. So that there is a staff member always there when something is going down. If a player needs help I want to be able to come to them and help them without the inevitable fear that a player will raid them when asking for help from the player base.



Who are you?
Give us a little information on yourself

I am a southerner from the USA who loves science. The idea of rockets and splitting of the atom has always amused me. I stand for Justice. I think now would be an appropriate time to discuss my last position on staff for the server. So I was demoted for wrongly muting someone. It was completely my fault. I had thought that a certain player was trying to make me look stupid and took it as staff disrespect. It was not, he was simply correcting me on a mistake I made. I deserved my demotion. I have grown as an individual since then and can look back at that time and wonder how I could be so ignorant. If I was given a second chance, a mistake like that would NEVER happen again.


What is your Age?

I am currently 15.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two


I love people! I get along very well with a lot of people.

I am a highly dedicated Voltz player.

I have a massive array of experience from moderating Voltz servers.

I have grown since the last time I was a staff member on this server.



I can sometimes be hard headed.

My mood can shift quickly, but it is normally a minor change. Nothing that would impede my decision making.

Additional Information (optional)

Even though I have been demoted before I feel that I could still make a great member to the team. Being demoted was an amazing learning experience to better myself.



Thanks for considering my application!




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Application Denied

Unfortunately your past actions still resonate to this day and we do not think that you would be appropriate to select you...

You may not reapply


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