Now, as you are all aware, I was recently removed from staff, (Twice).

My first staff removal (the Helper rank) should never have happened as Titanic didn't give me any warnings and was swift to demote me. Before you demote someone, you are supposed to give at least one warning and I didn't receive any and never should have been demoted but just warned.

The second removal was my Event Coordinator role. This also should never have happened. I was demoted this time as I set a home at the build world. Seeing as my rank says 'Event coordinator' I assumed that I was eligible to enter the build world so I could create events without them being destroyed/damaged by any players. As soon as I was aware that I was not allowed a home there, I deleted it within 2 minutes and don't see the issue with what I done nor why I was demoted for this?

I understand that recently I was aware of iSupernova's alt and I have been told that due to this I would have a very low chance of getting accepted back into staff. And I understand that it is not my position to do this but I overlooked him coming back as he was doing nothing bad for the server and only doing good. Having him play on the server stopped the casual routine of him trolling staff and other players and just made the server a better environment. In the future, I will report any thing that I know of that could be breaking the rules.
If I get accepted back, I would be more that happy to keep the rest of the Staff Team aware of any alts or account that I am suspicious about and help out the community.

Furthermore, I have spent a lot of effort and time on this server, helping people and helping create new things/ideas for the community, I have also been quite active on the forums and have checked it every other day and been posting quite a lot of ideas and comments. I also own quite a big faction and do try and accept new players into it so I can help them start and help them enjoy the server.
I am also very active, (being online almost every day for the past few months). I also see that as of now, there are very few if any helpers online to welcome/help new people or to moderate chat if needed which can be a big issue and could draw new players away. 
I do apologise on how I have handled my Helper removal and have learnt a lot from it. If I would be accepted back, I would be glad to stick to the rules and be online frequently as I have been doing. I could also bring a few ideas I have to the server and help complete them.
If you would like to talk further about this or have any more questions, please just call me/message me on Discord and if this is denied please say why so I can improve as a player.

Thanks you for reading 


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Application denied.

  • Abuse.
  • Messaging staff about application process.
  • Knowingly allowing banned players on the server.
  • Applying after being told that it was a waste of your time.
  • Not posting in the proper section.
  • Not following the proper format.
  • Not being on in almost 5 days.



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