Player you are reporting's IGN: Mowtain Dew
Your IGN: Palagonna (TheBetrayedOne)
Infraction Committed: Troll(Rule number 4)  And matrix in safe zone
Date of Infraction:12-27 2018
Summary:He said that first to go to wild get 50k $. I went, ther wer a  matrix at safe zone, and he didnt give me the 50 k.
Evidence of Infraction: the photos plus the report after me



He is clealy saiing that he said it but he wont respect<

5c2536dbcc9aa_Prsentation1.thumb.jpg.e3f33bc09e2dca39db193a14d4823098.jpgh5c253cb4d7135_Prsentation2.thumb.jpg.e354c87f2c5cd62a7681a9c73a4a1387.jpgHere is wild 1 safe zoned



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Another player already reported this, and the player was taken care of. Thank you for the report.

(Side note, the trolling here is not that big of a deal the problem is the matrix, and also please use /realname (nick) and report  them with their true IGN)


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