Legends build competition!

We are having a competition as to the best-looking "castle-themed" build on either Tekkit-Legends server!

The winner will be picked by public vote, and will win a platinum rank (or an upgrade on their current donor rank) + $3000 ingame cash, on the Legends server of their choice

To enter:

  1. Post a couple of screenshots of your build (all in one post) in this thread, below
  2. PM me your coordinates, or make sure they're in the post
  3. Include your in-game name in the post
  4. You can submit multiple builds (up to 5) if you like - but all builds that appear to have not had any real effort put into them, or are smaller than 1 chunk will be discounted
  5. The builds do not necessarily have to be castle-themed but these will earn you extra favour

To be eligible to win you must follow these rules:

  • The build must be on one of our 2 servers
  • It must be your own original build, not someone else's, and not schematica
  • It must be claimed under your name (GriefPrevention if on pve, /f claim if on pvp)
  • No cheating of any kind
  • You can vote for your own build if you like, but ONE ACCOUNT. Any form of vote rigging with alts or other people will mean disqualification and punishment.
  • If you have been a serious rule-breaker on legends in the past, you may be disqualified

After 1 week from now, a vote will be opened on the website and you can all vote on the best build.

I hope we can see some cool builds!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any legends staff


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Posting a few of a build i had done.


The first picture is an extra. 








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Nice work! The voting has now begun over at 

Good luck


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