Arctic Wolves Faction Recruitment

Welcome to Arctic Wolves faction recruitment, we as a faction are growing rapidly and working on projects to become the best, most powerful faction on Oblivion Networks. We are persistently active and in collaboration with other powerful factions. We have our own Discord which you will be invited to if you get accepted. For our faction we have a ranking system. to start off you will just be a Recruit who will work with either a Builder or Manager. After some time, you will become a trusted member and get the Builder role, with this role, you will be allowed into some of our bases where you can help construct and improve them. After the Builder role you will get a specific Base to manage and your title will be created according to the base you control. If you decide to stay in the Faction long enough and are well trusted, you will be promoted to either a General Manager or Director. Directors get a say in what happens in and to the faction and what plans we have for the faction in the future, Managers are the ones who help direct Builders and other smaller Managers on what to do.


Faction Recruitment


- You must be a StoneGuard or higher (If you know someone high  up in my faction my may still apply).

 - You must be on at a minimum of twice a week (If you are taking time off just let me or a Director know and it will be fine).

 - You must have a basic knowledge of this Mod Pack (If you don't know a few things feel free to ask, we will be glad to help).               

 - You must be a minimum age of 13 (Any disrespect or immaturity in game will result in you being immediately removed from the            faction).

 - You can't break any in game rules, if you do it will result in you being removed from the faction.


Recruitment Template

What Is Your In Game Name?


What Is Your Discord User Name?


What Is Your Team Speak User Name? (Optional)


What Is your Ar Rank and Time?


How Old Are You?


How Long and What Times Can You Commit To The Faction?


What Time Zone are You In?


What Are You Good At In Voltz?


What Do You Want To Do In Our Faction?


What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?



If or when you get accepted to our Faction, check your Private Messages, I will send you an Invitation to our Discord and Team Speak group.


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