What Server are you applying for?

I am applying for Voltz 2.0


What is your In Game Name?

My in game name is oakiepal. I have never changed my in-game name.


What is your TeamSpeak Name?

N/A since the TeamSpeak server has been shut down, however, you can easily get in touch with me on Discord at Oakiepal#1750.


What is your time zone?

My time zone is Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

When are you available?

I am in school from morning till late afternoon hours, however, I do have Discord installed on my phone and will see any messages anyone sends me and can usually respond swiftly.


What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and weekends?

As I mentioned in the previous question due to me having school, my morning hours and late afternoon hours are times I cannot be in-game. However, I can dedicate the entirety of the rest of the day. As for weekends, I can be on all day uninterruptedly.


What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable)

My in-game rank is currently "StoneGuard", however, by the time a staff member may have reviewed this application I may have accrued more hours.


When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth)

I started playing Minecraft in January of 2013, a couple of months before 1.5.2 came out. I was enthralled by the game after seeing a friend playing it on his iPad. I chose to play it on the computer version (Now known as Java Edition) as it had the most features and the most players. First, I started by playing single player for quite a while. From what I can recall I had built some sort of a house with the shape of a tube. I spent most of my time building and researching recipes and more content. I can still remember the experiences of collecting my first diamond and igniting my first Nether Portal. After a while, I lost interest in playing by myself and began to look for servers to play on. I found a Skyblock server and I was fascinated by the idea and played it for quite a while. Then, one day while I was in TeamSpeak with a friend, he introduced me to the Technic Launcher. I already had experimented with mods in the past, however, I had never touched modpacks. I fired up the first modpack I saw, Tekkit. Upon first playing it, I felt like I was playing a completely different game. So many new blocks and items had been added to the game that I had never seen before. The next few days I spent either watching tutorials on how to use the blocks or experimenting in the game. After quite a while of playing Tekkit on a network, some of you guys may know as zCarl, I came to Voltz. I had played Voltz a few times in the middle of playing tekkit, however, I had never played with all my attention. I began to browse through the available servers I could play on as there were many at that point in time. I was already extremely familiar with the mods, so I did not need to spend too much time learning anything. After a lot of searching and playing on networks like Digital Hazards, I finally settled on one. Once again, I spent most of my time on that server. Oblivion Voltz did come under my radar as it was a hot topic when it was being released and all my friends talked about. However, I was not too interested in it at that point. Eventually, I got bored with Voltz and once again switched modpacks. Fast forward to now, I just got off a one-year hiatus on Minecraft about three months ago.


What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth)

I have run Tekkit, Vannila, and Voltz servers. I will not bore you with the details of Tekkit and Vanilla servers as they were abandoned in development. However, I did release the Voltz Server and had a fairly large number of people join. Upon starting this server, I already had a good handle on setting up plugins and adjusting configs. This server is one of the main elements that built my foundation of the ability to deal with players effectively. It also is one of the core reasons I solidified my understanding of Java, Bukkit API, and some Forge API to patch the many bugs/glitches that exist inside Voltz. Along with another developer, we were able to make develop amazing patches on the plugin-side, such as actually dropping oxygen tanks upon the player death event. I am also currently Manager/Developer on an active network, so I will not mention its name in this post. However, if any staff would like to know the name please contact me privately. I have also worked on too many Crafting Dead former networks to name, and have developed minor patches/adjustments such as the removal of the death screen.


Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth)

Currently, as a player of Oblivion, I’d love to step in as a Helper. As I mentioned above, I have lots of experience (technical and player side). I have seen many unnecessary and toxic arguments between players and it breaks my heart that I have to pain other staff members, who may have more urgent tasks to complete, with the task of dealing with players. I want to be Helper to solve  issues like this and deal with unruly players. I also want to be able to assist players with the many things that they would like to do. But, my most overwhelming concern is assisting fairly new players who don’t fully have a solid understanding of the game yet. I would love to answer all of their questions. 

Who are you?

I am a high school sophomore with a passion for programming, physics, and mathematics. Currently, during my free time, I am usually learning Python, patching bugs, and working on small java projects on the side to keep my understanding of Java fresh. I am an extremely social person, so I am usually always in a Discord call, group, or channel. I also swim a lot and love to learn new things all the time.


What is your Age?

I am 16 years old.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?


  • I am extremely patient.
  • I know when to talk and when not to.
  • I am deft in the art of dealing with other players.
  • I love assisting others and I am good at it.
  • I have a great sense of humor.


  • I can occasionally be stubborn, sometimes yielding bad ramifications.
  • I jump the gun sometimes.
  • I am not very punctual/good with schedules.
  • I am a little disorganized.


Additional Information (optional)

As I mentioned above, you can contact me on my Discord (listed above). Thank you for your consideration of my application, and I hope whoever is reading this is having a great day.


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Application Denied.

Unfortunately due to the fact you hold a high position on another similar network, we do not feel comfortable accepting you at this time.

You may re-apply in 1 weeks time, if the above flaws are accepted.


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