We are Anarchy and were looking for new recruits.
This could be you. As a growing faction, we're looking to expand and increase our power. We don't have many expectations for players to join except some bare minimum requirements. We offer benefits to the members of our faction that you wont find anywhere else. Some of these benefits could be:

  • Vast knowledge for support.
  • As you gain trust you get chances to have a say in what happens.
  • We offer resources to members in need.
  • Always accepting new players and can guide them through the early game.
  • Our members get to participate in certain projects that were working on
  • many other perks.

We are currently only on Voltz 2.0 but hoping to expand out over the other servers in future. A few basic rules are in place, of course, to keep everybody happy.

  • You must be 10 or above in order to join.
  • You must have discord to join
  • Don't be immature. Obviously, we accept joking around etc; but don't be constantly immature or silly.
  • don't be directly disrespectful. this excludes "joking around" 
  • Receiving warnings/mutes from staff too often may result in being removed from the faction.

You don't need to fill out an application as we accept anybody over the age of 10 However you will need to leave your ign/discord name in the comments of this post and an officer or above will private message you.


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