As @Edgar's guide unfortunately has gone outdated, I'm writing a new one for everybody that has interest in playing on our Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix server.

In this guide I will refer to this modpack as 'Project Phoenix', to simplify things.


What is Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix?

Project Phoenix is Oblivion Networks' custom modpack. It is a improved, and much more updated version of our most popular server; Voltz. The modpack comes pre-configured with our server in server list, so you can quickly, and easily join the fun!


How do I play/install Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix?

Please follow the instructions below. You will need to have the Technic Launcher installed already.


Step 1.

Download the files here.


Step 2.

Locate the files you just downloaded. If you're on Windows, you will likely find the files under your 'Downloads' folder.



Step 3.

We now need to install any modpack, so we can replace the files with the files for Project Phoenix. Open the Technic Launcher and log in. Click on the 'Modpacks' tab, and type in the name of any random modpack in the searchbar. It does not matter what pack you install.


Step 4.

Press and hold the 'Windows' key on your keyboard, together with the 'R' key. A little window should now pop up, called 'Run'. Type '%appdata%' in it (without the quotation marks). Press 'ENTER' on your keyboard, or click on 'OK'.



Step 5.

You should now be looking at a long list of folders. Open the '.technic' folder, followed by the 'modpacks' folder. You now get a list of folders with the modpacks you've installed on the Technic Launcher.


Step 6.

Open the folder of the modpack you just installed in step 3. Delete all it's content, so that it's an empty folder.


Step 7.

Open '', the file that you downloaded in step 1. You may need a program like WinRAR to extract the files.


Step 8.

Drag the contents of '' to your modpack folder. And that's it!




You can now launch Project Phoenix by selecting- and launching the modpack that you chose. When you press 'Launch', it will ask you if you want to update the modpack. Always choose for NO.


Forgot/deleted the IP?


Still can't quite figure it out?

Feel free to join our Discord, where staff is ready to assist you!



I hope this helped. See you in-game!


Kind regards,



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Thank you Isa, very cool!

Does look and read very well though. Good job!

Salty :P

Edited by Edgar

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I don't know whether I should be impressed or terrified at how much time you put into this.

But thanks :))


(also congrats lol)

Edited by iSupernova

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