Ban appeal Robertd13

By Robert in Punishment Appeal,
Your in game name (IGN): The name i was banned = robertd13 i have changed it to RobertD19 When were you banned?: 3 years+ ago Why were you banned?: finding some glitches with explosive minecard in Mine, by the way told the admin at me self the glitch  Who banned you (if known)?:  its been a long time ago so i didn't know the name. Why should we unban you?:  i have learned to told the staff directly the problem if i find a new glitch. even its been a long time a go so im getting much more serius in playing games.  so i hope you will give me a second change to join agen.  Server: , normal voltz server. so im very sorry for what i have don i hope you will give me second change.  
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