Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded

The classic Voltz you love but better! We've released an unofficial update to Voltz. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded! A brand new voltz pack with the classic mods you love plus much more. All included with our very own Official PvP Raid/Grief Server! Some new mods include.

ICBM Classic

Tinkers Construct

Extreme Reactors

Applied Energistics 2

Open Computers

All of this comes with a brand spanking new 1.12.2 server. BUT WAIT. We know what you’re thinking. 1.12.2 is a buggy mess with that horrible combat. BUT NOT OUR SERVER. We’ve gone out of our way to patch many of the bugs/glitches associated with 1.12.2 in addition to this we’ve also added Classic Combat for that rich minecraft experience that everyone misses.

Download the modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-1122-reloaded.1526410

Server Address: voltz1122.oblivion-networks.com

Check out the trailer!: 

Feel free to ask any questions below!


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8 minutes ago, Neutroncats said:

Ranks dont transfer between this server and the regular voltz server

The voltz server is still active, If you are interested about a rank transfer you can contact either defuse or me


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