1) Your in game name (IGN): Bildukas
2) When were you banned?: Oct. 10 9:20 GMT+2 ( approx)
3) Why were you banned?: Alleged X-raying / Hacking 
4) Who banned you (if known)?: (presumably) Isa Nova (kvbunited) 
5) Why should we unban you?: I have reason to believe i was falsely banned , or at least i was ignorant of the rules , im not sure which , but i was and am still currently playing on a less than decent laptop ive had for a while . It , along with some of the server lag , allows me to fly outside loaded chunks and look through their contents ( sort of as if i had my head stuck in a block and could see cave outlines ) , as well as reloading chunks and getting the same effect( every time i relog) . Furthermore , I would get disconnected from the server now and then , which oddly enough allowed me to fly through the loaded chunks i possessed  moments before disconnecting unexpectedly. I hope you understand the temptation to just 'look' essentially , which still i feel dosent justify me be able to find mars dungeons easier and thus taking the opportunity to raid them from other players , i will and am currently looking into a fix for the issue at hand ( ive tried several potential 'fixes' since my ban , ex :

but its hard to know what works given that this is a mod pack and not just the base game .)

I would also like to say , i have discovered a few uninhabited / left behind( they seemed inactive) player bases with this method , and have raided a few through legitimate means , (ie. checking craters for name tags / ./f map spam / getting cords leaked to me on disc /  , etc) , however i can see why this would arise suspicion , and this case , it is in part justified. 

I hope you can understand my misunderstanding , I reasoned that it if its in the base game I am able to use it to my advantage and not be it considered cheating , however i see now that i should have contacted staff and asked for clarification & a fix & guidance.

I hope you are to view things from my perspective , i know ignorance is not an excuses , i just want a second chance on a server i enjoy
6) Picture of screen when logging in (required):

( is says upload failed when i try putting the 446kb jpeg on here) 

Text reads : 'you have been banned for X-Ray/Hacking , you are not welcome here , goodbye' ( more or less that wording)

7) Server:Voltz 1.12.2


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Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons:

- There's ~30 minutes worth of footage of you going trough the Mars dimension, looking down at a suspicious angle, and replicating the exact behaviour of people who X-Ray. You didn't just get lucky a few times, you were deliberately using X-Ray.

- Even if you were not using an X-Ray hack, you were still looking through the world to find locations of interest. This still classifies as cheating with us, therefor your appeal will be denied.


You may submit a new appeal in three weeks time.



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