1) Your in game name (IGN): MarshalMathersLP
2) When were you banned?: 10:25AM EST 5/21/2020
3) Why were you banned?: Suspected XRAY
4) Who banned you (if known)?: Not completely certian
5) Why should we unban you?: I was going to a waypoint where I saw (ComradeKristina's) nametag a few days earlier (see below), also have evidence that i have not touched resource pack folder, aswell as the actual waypoint in the files
6) Picture of screen when logging in (required):
7) Server: Voltz 1.12.2 

Screenshot (9575)_LI.png

Screenshot (9576)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (9577)_LI.jpg




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Posted (edited)

Screenshot (9579)_LI.jpgEDIT: This is a response to the accusation that i had some tampering with logs or something. Nope, There is the log that matches the exact same time as when the mod list updated itself (I have applecore in there)5ec6e31f8992f_Screenshot(9602)_LI.jpg.a4536c197c8b50852ef101e5225147cf.jpg5ec6e32ba92cc_Screenshot(9599)_LI.jpg.44e312f6c2fe38c7a39bde7f453688f3.jpg

Edited by MarshalMathersLP
Elaboration because questiosn were asked in discord

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Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons:

- We have been keeping a close eye on your activity and behaviour in-game, and after personally reviewing video footage of said behaviour, I have come to the conclusion that this ban was justified.

- There's pretty clear evidence of you finding bases 'surprisingly easy', to put it lightly. Digging down next to them or entering caves leading up to bases, to then dig in and raid them.

- Additionally, we think you have been using speed hacks on top of x-ray.

- Timestamps on folders, logs, and whatever are not concrete proof of you not cheating. My team recording you clearly cheating, however, is very adequate proof. Your ban will not be lifted.


You may submit a new appeal in four weeks time.



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