Server: Discord (UnModerated Chat)
Player you are reporting's IGN: Harvest
Your IGN: Zachtmac
Infraction Committed: Using his moderator powers in an unmoderated chat 
Date of Infraction: 6/22/20
Summary: I was just talking in the unmoderated chat, doing my unmoderated business when out of the blue I get muted for something I did in an UNMODERATED chat. I would like justice brought upon Harvest.
Evidence of Infraction:  attached photo



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Player report denied.

Your player report has been denied for the following reason(s):

  • It should be common sense that you follow the Discord ToS. For your convenience, you may click here to read them again.
  • Even in our unmoderated channels, we reserve the right to delete or punish as we see fit. Especially if you are trying to pathetically mock people on our team, for whatever reason.
  • On top of that, I personally authorized the mute. Harvest did their job.


Wait out your mute. Harvest will not be punished.


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