1) Your in game name (IGN):

as of the time getting banned most probably AddictiveGamer66, as of writing HappyWagon

2) When were you banned?:

In 2016

3) Why were you banned?:

Advertising and being disrespectful to members of the staff team.

4) Who banned you (if known)?:

It was either Defuse or Oblivion I don't remember.

5) Why should we unban you?:

Because I am sorry for being disrespectful and advertising and this is the only Voltz server thats actually worth playing on. I have learn't from my mistakes back in 2016 I am now a better person.

6) Picture of screen when logging in (required):

I can not provide as I have changed account names and the server is down for maintenance as of writing this 

7) Server: Voltz


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