DJT183's Tekkit-Legends-PvE staff application

What server are you applying for?

Oblivion Tekkit Legends PvE


What is your In Game Name?



What is your Teamspeak Name?


Same for Discord & Trello


What is your timezone?

AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) UTC+10, GMT+11


When are you available?

This varies a bit for me. Usually:

  • Weekdays- on and off between 4pm and 11pm
  • Saturdays- on and off between 2pm and midnight
  • Sundays- on and off all day

Note; these are local times (AEST)


What is your ingame rank?

Stoneguard (~1 day, 16hours)


When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz?

I started playing Minecraft in approximately 2011 (possibly early 2012), and began to play fairly regularly. I started playing my first modpack, the original Tekkit, in about 2013, and thoroughly enjoyed the added content and the new technological side of the game, something I've always loved. Since then, I've played a number of modpacks including Voltz, FTB, Hexxit and more, gaining a decent amount of experience in Tekkit and Voltz. Ive played Tekkit-Legends (and other various new forms of Tekkit) on and off since their release.


What experiences do you have moderating a community or game?

I am currently an Oblivion-Voltz Chatmod

Additionally; Throughout mid-2013 to mid-2014 I worked my way to Senior Admin on a moderately sized Vanilla Minecraft server, and personally befriended the Owner. In my time on that server, I was responsible for; Moderating chat, Catching and appropriately disciplining Hackers/cheaters, in particular X-rayers (one large part of the server was raid/pvp/grief), Building of public areas (eg; the admin-shop), Managing ranks etc. Managing other staff (promotion/demotions etc), Helping out players and more.

Unfortunately, the server closed due to a lack of funds in late 2014.

Also: I was approved for a position of Builder (basically a Chatmod on that server) on a very small Voltz server in its early stages, but it closed for reasons unknown to me.


Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper?

I would love to be a Helper, because I thoroughly enjoy technical modpacks including (but not limited to) Tekkit-Legends, and helping out other people. You'll find (I hope) from my time as staff on Voltz, that I tend to be a fairly agreeable and non-aggressive person, and I would like the opportunity to help other players. I already tend to help others a fair bit, and it would be nice to formalize the position. I would love to be able help out other players, provide a staff presence on a very staff-lacking server, and to encourage more players to experience the sadly underused Legends PvE server which is usually quite quiet. I would also like to contribute to the server by creating a more child-friendly and inviting environment by helping to moderate the chat etc (I've witnessed some fairly unsavory conversations on that server).


Who are you?

My name is Daniel, and I’m a 17 year old Australian from South-West Sydney in New South Wales. I am currently finishing my final year of highschool. I work at a small pet-shop, and intend to study Engineering at uni once finishing school.


What is your age?



What are your strengths and weaknesses?


  • Friendly
  • Fairly knowledgeable about the Tekkit-Legends modpack
  • Experienced with moderating/helping etc
  • Love Helping other players
  • I can be both light-hearted and relaxed, but also serious and professional when necessary


  • I can be a little forgetful
  • I can be too tolerant and forgiving of players sometimes
  • Somewhat  introverted


Additional Information

I would also like to mention that, coming from a timezone which is almost the binary opposite of the most common USA/UK timezones, means that I would be able to provide a staff presence during ‘abnormal’ (for lack of a better word) times.

Some of the information in this application mirrors that of my Voltz-Helper application.

I am contactable on TS, Discord, Skype, Facebook, email, ingame, whatever. If you have any questions regarding my application, feel free to contact me using any of the above stated methods.


Thankyou for reviewing my application! – Regards, DJ


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