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I've got to admit the shop is in a fairly good condition in the first place but I think a couple more thing are needed in my opinions. These are:

Food items:

Fish, steak, pork and apples. (Buy only)

Reasoning: Fish, steak and pork obviously is used as food which is good for newer players if they run out of food and they do not currently have access to their kits. Apples, often tedious to obtain can also be used as food or to make golden apples which are essential for a Faction PvP experience.

Adding more to the ME section as crafting for it is often tedious:

ME Import and Export Buses. (Buy only)

Reasoning: These are tedious to make and are essential to getting decent automation in Voltz and adding these to the shops would help.


Cactus. (Buy and sell) Sugar cane. (Sell)

Reasoning: Ever been to a desert on the server? They have been picked clean and it would be nice if you was able to buy and sell cactus which would help new players who don't have items to sell to make a little money as they begin on the server and are able to make a small farm to generate some income they can use to buy other items they will need to set themselves up.

Just some ideas, leave your opinions or any further ideas for the shop in the discussion below.






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