KvbUnited's introduction! (An hello from Isa)

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I'm weird. Please turn around while you can and ignore this introduction if you want. You've been warned! ~   Hey! After many, many months of playing on this network I finally decided to make an introduction of myself, for the people here that don't know me yet. My name's KVB (stands for my initials), but my friend (and often myself included) call me Isa. You can find me on the Oblivion Voltz server, more oftenly than not. :p I'm a young (I like to call myself that-- even though I'm likely older than most players) pansexual cat-thing from the Netherlands. I love chatting with people. Hobbies include Minecraft, of which I've been playing modded since before release 1.3 (that's the earlier number I remember, but I started playing way before), art, computers and servers, and Furry. I prefer solitude over company, excluding being with the few friends I have, with who I am closer with than my family.     So, to answer a few frequently asked questions.. 1) How old are you? I prefer not to tell. But I'm legal where I live. That's 18+ here. 2) Are you a girl or a guy? Are you transsexual? TELL US You'd be surprised how often I get asked this. First, no, I am not trans. Second, I prefer not to tell (surprise!). But I can guarantee you I am one gender and one gender alone. 3) Lemme smash Sorry, I'm taken, and very happy with my girlfriend. 4) Favourite colour? I don't have one specific colour I really love. I'm a huge fan of colour combinations though. Those can be pretty. :3 5) Meow Mow.     Where you might know me from, and some of my works/businesses on Oblivion Networks; I've played on many servers, for various modpacks, of which most, if not all, have closed down by now. These include:   -KingdomOfFreaks (Tekkit Classis) This was YEARS ago. I literally bought my account at this time, had been borrowing someone else's until I got my own. Played on this server and this server alone for several years. Daily. Server eventually closed down when the map had to finally reset. Considering it didn't reset in four years, and no one wanted to start over, this meant the end. I was an admin here, but.. It's not even worth mentioning. I was too young to understand most things and never did anything happen, so it was mostly for show. -JAC's FTB Ultimate (FTB Ultimate) Great server. Learned a lot about modded Minecraft, and made a lot of friends outside of real-life people. I think I got bored of it and left, but I'm not sure. It closed down eventually either way. -Unlimitedcraft TPPI (TPPI) Loved this server with whole my heart. Still to this day, I've never seen a more profesionally managed server. This is where I really got "good" in Minecraft, and made a ton of friends. Played trough FOUR map resets until it eventually died off as well. In the history of this I've been an admin on this server too, which was a great learning experience. -Unlimitedcraft Infinity (Infinity Evolved Normal & Expert) Finished both normal and expert mode in this pack, again on Unlimitedcraft. Loved the community. Played trough several resets, again. But the community gradually lost interest and eventually the entire network came to it's end. A shame. - Oblivion Voltz (Voltz) Welp, and this is where we are today! I've played on many other servers, but they were either so long ago, or not worth mentioning because I didn't reach impressive levels. (when Voltz first came out, I played on various Voltz servers with a group of people. We sucked. It was great.) Here on the Oblivion Voltz server I've been a ChatMod before. I feel like this is one of the last modded servers that has an active community that still gains new players. I need this. There's no fun in playing without people to raid. :)   Oh, and a lot of people might remember me from Accretion Voltz. Where I eventually got banned, and new rules got made to support my ban. (long story, but quite hilarious. lol)   So, here, you might remember me from the various building projects I have made.. Including a beautiful wall around /warp wild1 last map reset. I even made pixelart on it! ..Which was so stunning, that it had to be removed by staff. Together with my entire wall. Pictures will be on the bottom of the post.     Hobbies! So for you nerds that read trough my brief introduction earlier, yes, I'm into computers. Specs as follow:   Main rig / storage array (combination of the two until I can have dedicated machines in a rack) i7 4790k @4.5Ghz 16GB DDR3-1600 @ 2400Mhz R9 380 4GB (from Club3D) 1x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (7GB read/write with RAPID mode enabled) 3x Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164 (2TB HDD's, 6TB total) Main OS: Windows 7 In a 16x 3.5"-bay server enclosure. 3U's tall. Lotsa blinky lights. And I know, that GPU doesn't fit. The power connectors make it too tall, so I run it with the top half-open until I seperate my NAS from my main rig.   Server 1 (HP ProLiant SE316M1) 2x Xeon L5630 (four cores per CPU + hyperthreading) 48GB DDR3 (ECC of course) 1x 146GB 15k SAS (HP branded) 1x 146GB 10k SAS (HP branded) Main OS: Windows Server 2012R2 Standard (I will later replace this with server 2's setup)   Server 2 (HP ProLiant DL380 G5 (performance model) ) 2x Dual core Xeons. I don't know which processors exactly, this server is a little dated, I only use it because it's more silent than server 1. :p 32GB DDR2 (Also ECC of course) 1x 146GB 15k SAS (HP branded) 4x 146GB 10k SAS (HP branded) Main OS: ESXi 6.5.x . OS to be downgraded to 6.0.x later, as I like it more. Runs several VM's, including PFSense, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (with license of course), MineOS.. This server's configuration will later move to server 1, and this one will be decomissioned and only be used for testing.   I have several more servers, but they are really just for parts, because they're too old/incomplete.     Other hobbies.. Turn around while you still can. I'd put a spoiler here but I don't know how. :) Probably the hobby that means more to be than literally anything;.. Furry! Yes, I'm a Furry. It's an awesome fandom/whatever-the-heck, I love the art, fursuiting is something I wanna try in the future when I can afford it, and the cons are absolutely amazing. I've been a Furry for several years. My sona is a Maine Coon (see profile picture.. Like it isn't obvious enough lol), and I actually only went to my first con earlier this year. And I had a blast. I met a lot of friends, and we all hung out. The con had a really unique atmosphere, something I had never experienced before. It's like falling in love.. But for a crowd! Everybody was happy, people were hugging eachother and meeting eachother for the first time, and overall everybody was having a great time. If you're looking to meet me in person, come to Confuzzled 2018! I'll be there. :) So, for those who don't know.. The furry fandom is "a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at furry conventions. -Wikipedia". It revolves around art, cosplay (fursuiting) and just everything creative! Conventions have events from magic shows, to dance competitions, to games, to auctions! Oh, some crappy footage I took: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1As5r3qyntw My favourite dance at the con. She didn't win unfortunately. Maybe next year~~   Oh, and if you're interested in my builds, here's some pictures that I promised;   Note, some of these pictures are from last map. Not telling you which ones, of course. :) And the obsidian wall was around wild1, before the pixelart was painted on it. For the sake of not getting this post removed, I shall refrain from posting said art.   Thanks for reading. I'm honestly impressed if ANYONE made it this far. Let me know if you did, and feel free to ask questions!   Kind regards, and thank you for reading, again. -Isa            
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