Hey, I am suggesting a well organized PvP Competition on Voltz.


-It would bring more people to the forums if the competition entries were to be done here;

-It would bring the community together for an event;

-It would be extremely fun for the participants;

-It would potentially contribute to more donations (more specifically those Advanced Tools);

-It would dynamize the forums and the server;

-It would create a healthy competition between the participants, on the days leading up to the event.



-It would take some time out of the Staff Team to organize this, if they decide that they should do the planning;

-The competition could potentially become a bit toxic (not so worried about this because the server has an active Staff Team that can prevent this).


If implemented, I would suggest the Winner Prize to be of choice between the following:

-In Game Money; (For new people that rely on the shop and the market)

-A set of Advanced God Tools and armour; (For the ones that would not need money, and an extra set of gear would come in handy)

-A Staff Member's Head of choice. (For the ones that don't want either, and would rather collect heads)


Please provide your opinions on the matter. (+1/-1 and why)


Thank you for your attention,




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