*This is a copy paste of my last application with updated information in italic.*

What Server are you applying for?

I am applying to be a Helper on the Legends PvP Server.

What is your In Game Name?

My In Game Name is Lindovski.

What is your TeamSpeak Name?

My TeamSpeak Name is Zoio.

What is your time zone?

My time zone is the Western European Time.

When are you available?

I am available every weekend for 5 hours a day (minimum), be it Summer or Winter. In week days, during Summer (June to Semptember) I am available at least 4 hours a day, 4 out of 5 days. In week days, during Winter (September to June) I am available at least 3 hours a day, 3 out of 5 days.  Of course my availability can vary according to the server's needs, and I should add that I am a very flexible man.


What is your In Game Rank?

I am currently a BloodGuard with 3 days, 13 hours and 20 minutes.


When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Tekkit Legends?
I started playing Vanilla Minecraft back in November 2012, grinding the hell out of Single Player until I eventually got bored of it and joined an amazing community made of a Creative, a Survival and a Feed The Beast Server, in which I stayed for the following 2 years until it eventually died. The last half year I got really interested in the Feed the Beast Server and so that is when I got introduced to Modded Minecraft. Before it died me and a few Staff decided to create a private community, a group of 10 people in a whitelisted modded server, in which we had over 300 mods, and it was at that time that I completely fell in love by modded Minecraft and started grinding for hours and hours just to beat my friends to the most OP base and such, so there is where I learned most of what I know today regarding Modpacks. I joined this specific modpack only a few weeks ago on this network, however I have worked with most mods in other modpacks, so I have a pretty good general knowledge, and what I did not 


What experience do you have moderating a community or game?

Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill?

My first role as staff was on the server I spent two years of my life playing day after day, I applied for staff after a year and I got to Moderator. I was a Mod of the Creative Server, and so my job was to assign plots for players, complete "Mod Requests", World edit any structure for a player, logblock griefed land in an unclaimed plot, issue bans to griefers, homophobes, racists, advertisers and mutes to spammers. The community was very PG, and so I learned how to deal with a wide variety of situations. The Staff Team was amazing, I learned a lot from them, more specifically how to act in given circumstances, and how to  work with many administrative plugins. 

I have also been a Trial-Mod in a Minigames server, it actually had a lot of players (can provide names if requested), and my job was to ensure everyone was having a smooth and entertaining time at the server. I was expected to issue mutes, kicks and temporary bans to swarms of spammers and advertisers, to keep chat clean and mostly report bugs in any minigame to the Administrators.

Other than that, like most Ex Staff Members of dead communities (or at least that is my perception) I tried to revive it, but nothing really serious, along with a few other projects that went no where, but made me become familiar with the technical parts of running a server.

My most recent role moderating a community has been in the Voltz server, where I spent the first three weeks of July as a Helper, resigned, reapplied and have been a Helper for a week.


Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper?

I believe I would do a good job as a Helper since I have always been a keen worker and am motivated by my passion for the game, and also for interacting with other people all around the globe. I enjoy serving players and, I believe that I am able to apply my skill set to particular situations while achieving complete player satisfaction and enjoyment. I love to share my knowledge with others, in any kind of department and I have been playing Minecraft and most specifically Modded Minecraft for a while now, and so I am sure I have a lot of knowledge to share in this area. If accepted, I would guarentee 100% dedication and focus to the tasks I am given, thinking first on the server, and only then on me, in a constant pursuit of it's greater good. I can offer a very active Staff Member that can help any player with any doubt that might exist, and I pledge that even not knowing the answer to a problem, I would do my best to find a solution. I want to be a part of this Staff Team because I feel that I can learn a lot from all the different members of the Team, I can expand my areas of knowledge, I can broaden my horizons regarding management and administration of a Minecraft Server and I can spend time doing two things that I love very much, playing Modded Minecraft and helping out other people. Also, having had experience on this specific server makes me perfect for the position, since I already know the rules, the tasks Staff have to fulfill when dealing with a specific situation, and when and how to enforce a punishment.


Who are you?
Give us a little information on yourself.

I am a Portuguese teenager going through High School like most other people of my age. My time is split equally between School, Girlfriend, Sports and Computer. I am a sports aficionado, I played tennis for 8 years, became a national champion in 2014 and I kept playing until I reached that point in where you're all in or you're out. After tennis, I started practicing fencing, became a Saber National Champion in 2016 and again quit after reaching the all in or out point. Recently, about six months ago, I started practicing Martial Arts and am loving it. (I can provide proof of any of the achievements). I speak 4 languages, them being Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Right after I graduate High School, I'm going to study Computer Science at Manchester University. Another curious fact about me is that I worked a year for a Hosting Company when I was only 14 as a Support Operator (Can provide name if requested).


What is your Age?

I am 16 years old, 17 in November.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I have a very low self esteem and take what others say and do to me very personally. Of course this comes with extreme overthinking, and at times a very impulsive and toxic behavior, but since I have dealt with this my whole life, I learned how to control it. I went to the Portuguese Army School from 5th to 9th grade, and those four years allowed me to develop a great sense of responsibility, a feeling of duty towards completing tasks I am given and most importantly I learned to respect. I also learned to hear what people have to say, argue respectfully, and express my opinions and points of view clearly. I can be stubborn at times but my overall good character makes up for it. I can also be quite annoying at times.


Thank you for taking the time and reading this application,

Kind regards,

Johnny Zoio



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Application accepted! Check your PMs shortly


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