What Server are you applying for: Voltz

What is your In Game Name: Krister_Lien

What is your TeamSpeak Name: Krissy

What is your time zone: GMT +1

When are you available: Everyday of the week, if im not at work ofcourse, but i always got my phone with me so i can always answer question on discord.

What is your In Game Rank: I'm donor, but i've played for 3d+.

When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz: I started playing minecraft maybe 7-8 years ago on an old user my friend now owns, so i know a little bit about the game here and there ya know, anyways when it comes to voltz. I started playing voltz maybe 4-5 months ago and went trough a little adventure by my self to learn stuff, so i know a little bit here and there, but theres always room to learn more !
Besides Voltz, ive played Pixelmon for 4+ Years so i'm used to modded minecraft in a way ya know.
Thats mostly what ive played of modded minecraft.

What experiences do you have moderating a community or game: I've worked on different networks during all these years, one being a big network where i worked for 4 years (as helper-gymleader-admin), Then my own network for one year and now here at oblivion networks for 1 year or so. I've also owned a garry's mod Network and other game servers where i've been doing staff related activities. I'm quite used to working within the minecraft network of different sizes so im good at getting used to old and new server versions, adapting is always fun !

Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper: I've been wanting to apply for Voltz for a little time, to help out with various stuff and also learn about the mod more, how to fix certain issues and problems, this will also make my knowledge of different modpacks bigger and not just locking myself up to Pixelmon, i love trying new things !
Meeting new players from other sides of the network is also fun.
I have no good reason at all to imply i "should" be a helper, but if get the chance to be one, id take the task with straight hands and do my best !

Who are you: Hello, I'm Krissy.. Nice to meetchu !!
I like Anime, yes.. 030 i do.
I'm from Norway.

What is your Age: 22

What are your strengths and weaknesses:
* Calm (when im not silly that is)
* Remember things quite well.
* Strict when needed.

* I'm Silly.

* I can chat a lot.
* I can get tired quickly

Additional Information (optional): #BlameOblivion2017


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