Ok, so a lot of people should know that the beginning the first time you log on to the server is the primary moment where you decide if you would want to play on it. The server I play on is tekkit legends and you'll see new players join and leave in an instant. That's why I try to get more people interested in the server. I have a community where there are plots and I ask the player to just claim it and its there. What I would usually do is give the new player some stuff and a nice start so he/she would be interested in the server and play for a while hoping that the player would vote. Which would bring me to the next topic since people don't vote very much it's just a drawback. I had an idea of whoever got the most votes in the month would win something to try, and help motivate the player to vote, and even if that would work that means per a player your potentially be getting 30 votes per a player hence make the server higher ranks on the server list which means a higher chance for more people to check it out.Those were some ideas that may work I just intended to help the server because it's my favorite server out of the oblivion network. Then I love seeing new players when I log on then I would give them some free stuff because I just like being nice. another thing that is going which I think that the server is really cool doing DJ is hosting the Christmas event which is cool which I love bringing the players together to compete against each other for the best build. This is a really cool server just when lag hits it kills everything in its path. There was this one time where I went to the server and this guy showed me his EMC farm I asked him to turn it on then lets say a tornado basically hit the server to imagine the scale just think multiple rows of 2x20 rotary macerators I guess another thing for this server where probably to have a limit of rotary macerators. This was just a few suggestions I think that may help the server.


-Please note that these are just suggestions and some things that I think would help the server only because I love it 

-Tell me what you think of this topic 

-What do you think that would be a good addition to the tekkit legends server?


-DiamondX Rebbelion 


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Thank you for your feedback on our servers and as of today we have decided to reimplement our voter of the month rewards. Like before we will give a shop coupon to our 1st 2nd and 3rd top voters for each server and the shop coupon amount depends on what place you're in. Also in future reference if any of the tekkit legend servers are lagging you can contact any of our staff to get ahold of us in our player Discord to fix the lag ( https://discord.gg/NfAcqf8 ). We hope you're happy with the recent changes we've made and we hope to see more in our future!

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I should also point out that while there is no actual maximum number of macerators or energy collectors in an EMC setup, excessively large/laggy or incorrectly built setups will be reduced or cleared if found. Large or poorly built EMC farms should be reported to staff.

And as titanic stated above, the 'top voter rewards' have been reinstated today.

Additionally new events and builds are currently under development to attract more players to the server and provide a more enjoyable environment for players.

If you (or anyone else) have suggestions I'd love to hear them!


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