After looking back at the last post I made I thought to help improve the server more by suggesting some things that I've noticed today. So seeing what the high ranked staff members had said and knowing that in the reason of the voter of the month coming back. Happy to get anarchy`s attention although I did call him outgoing in /v still feel guilty about it. What of the things that I ran into was the amount of land that you could claim, although you do get 15 more blocks per a day it would be nice to see if you would be able to buy more land on the oblivion networks shop or raise how much land you get per an hour. Another topic I would like to go over was staff spreading I swear there was one day when I went on the volts server and compare all of the staff on the website to all the staff on the server I would say basically that every staff member was on there, of course not the managers.It would be nice for other servers to be paid attention to I don't believe that one server requires 13 staff on it at once Also it does get lonely on the tekkit server so it would be nice to have some staff on there although I believe staff don't really play servers much and just do their staff work.I do also have to bring up lag again I would be on the tekkit server alone and still lag note EMC farm not running That does bring up the topic of how old the server is and that the world has not changed in a while. I did talk to djt about how the server should be reset and he said he trying but oblivion is busy. Then it makes me wonder how many chunks are loaded on the server I know that chunk loaders are banned but there seems that there is always 1000+ chunks loaded all the time even if there is only 1 person on. Also one of the other things about the server nobody uses the shop I'm glad that they try to have people make use of it by putting 5 things that you could try to sell just it still feels as if you where to remove it nothing would change. There have to be easier ways to make money. May I recommend they you would get a certain amount of cash per an hour. I'm pretty sure that voting also gives you money but that seems ignored and. Also, a person like me who has everything you would look at the crates and think wow they would really not make much profit off of this due to people that have everything will get all fo that as ease accept the hv solar panel that is something that I would try to get. Maybe make all the crates only ic2 because project makes things to easy. I  also feel like oblivion has been off the servers for a while I think it would be cool for him to try to improve server lag or something. that's all I have for the moment to try and improve the server and recommendations. 

-Thx for reading this tell me what you think uppon this topic.


-DiamondX Rebbelion

#announcements - Discord 12_22_2017 12_21_43 AM.png


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Okay firstly you can buy new claim blocks with the in-game command /buyclaimblocks.

Secondly, staff apply on the server of their choice, and can only apply on severs they have experience on - we can't tell people to be staff on different servers. Simply put we have no control over the number of server staff - players have to apply.

Thirdly Oblivion hasn't been on the server for a little while because he is otherwise occupied with College and other such IRL things. Tasks like lag clearing are generally left to lower staff.

I'll also mention that /warp sell provides an opportunity to sell items and earn money, and we're looking into other ways to stimulate the Legends economies.

And finally, I'll take a look at the crate items. I do believe theres a fair bit of non-emcable items in them, but I'll review their contents to see if they can be improved.


Thanks for your feedback


PS; Please post Tekkit-Legends specific comments in the Tekkit Legends Server Discussion forum section. Thanks.


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