1) Your in game name (IGN):


2) When were you banned?: 

Like literally just now. 4th January 2018

3) Why were you banned?: 

For exploiting a visual bug that let's you move your camera under spawn. (Was using it to take a glance at staff lounge welp)

4) Who banned you (if known)?: 

123titanic (probably)

5) Why should we unban you?: 

I'm not saying what I did was right, now I realize that. In all honesty, I thought the rule was meant for raiding or taking advantage of other players using a bug, which I wouldn't do. I was simply playing around, and with the reset near I have turned off my base and have nothing to do other than fly around spawn. I also wanted to see the lounge before reset so I decided to see if I could break a block and momentarily see it. For some reason I just fell through. Must have been a glitch. This was where I faulted and should have tpa'd back to spawn, but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to look around for the staff lounge. When I found it, I took some screenies and looked around the staff app.

I think I should be unbanned because I really didn't know that it accounted for non-player matters, although I will admit that it was probably not the right thing to do. I simply wanted to look at the staff lounge, because I was, to be honest, bored and had nothing better to do. And if I'm banned, I'm even more bored lol. I just want a second chance, or a commuted ban, so I can be *less* bored and find something to do, like turning my base back on lol.

6) Picture ofscreen when logging in (required):
7) Server:

Oblivion Voltz

On an extra note, I was told there was cake in the staff lounge so :p


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Appeal Denied, your ban appeal was denied for the following reason(s):

  •  You exploited a glitch to 'enter' an area prohibited to normal players.  (Even if it was just curiosity, you clearly know it's wrong.)
  •  Getting under spawn or trying to get under spawn for any reason is incredibly frowned upon and bannable.

Wait out your ban.


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