Server: Voltz
Player you are reporting's IGN: Casseve
Your IGN: CanadianSlugger
Infraction Committed: Muted me unfairly 
Date of Infraction: 08 Mar 18
Summary: Muted me for commenting on how many players her faction had online. I joined and Isa said about how we had 5 members online, in which casseve replied something along the lines of wow, you guys are inactive. I replied "Cause Infernum (her faction) is so active". When she relogged, I commented, "Infernum has one player on!" Then told her to come raid me. and was muted. While the mute was only 10 minutes, and will have long expired before this is finished, it is the fact that she abused the mute because she didnt want to hear what I had to say. I broke 0 rules, yet was muted with 0 warning (Unless you say that her saying "Stop" was a warning, which it clearly was not.) She didnt like her faction being called weak, which is a totally voltz faction warfare thing to do and is not against the rules to entice them to attack you. I didnt insult her, spam her, bypass filter, nothing. Just tried baiting her into attacking our faction as its voltz, and voltz without someone attacking you is not fun.
Evidence of Infraction:




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“Should we raid Antarctica.”


let me know if you find my base since I won’t be on for the next 3 weeks.


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Report Accepted.

The staff member will be talked to, however, please refrain from purposely agitating staff and attempting to begin arguments yourself in the future.


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