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January Top Voters

Congratulations to our top voters for this month!  If you're in the lists below, please contact me (Anarchy) to receive your prize.

Voltz Top Voters:

  • 1st - Aeon13_
  • 2nd - nedaso 
  • 3rd - ItsZatax 

Legends/Pixel Voters (Merged due to smaller playerba...

Voltz Reset!

The long awaited reset for Voltz has arrived!  We've completely refreshed the map (no more holes for now!) and cleared all inventories, balances, ender chests, etc.  A fresh start for everyone except for your rank.

If you have a dono...

Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 have Closed

After much thought, we're sorry to say we've closed Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 due to lack of players. 

If you have a donor rank of Master+, we'd be happy to transfer it over to Pixel 1 along with any legendary pokemon you've donated to get...

Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue 0

Pixelmon servers 1-3 have merged!

After a long amount of time Oblivion Networks has decided to merge Pixelmon servers 1-3 into one large master server. 

Pixel 4-5 will be uneffected.


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Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue 0

Welcome to the new website!

As some of you may have heard, we have had a new website developed and it is now available for everyone to use! We will be transitioning over any services that we haven'...

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