February Top Voters

February Top Voters

Anarchy by Anarchy on Jan 01, 1970
Community Voltz Pixelmon Tekkit Legends

Congratulations to our top voters for this month!  If you're in the lists below, please contact me (Anarchy) to receive your prize.

Voltz Top Voters:

  • 1st - mihailo2004 ($15)
  • 2nd - evel4x4 ($10)
  • 3rd - FatherKevin ($5)

Legends/Pixel Voters (Merged due to smaller playerbase):

Please remember that prizes are in the form of a store coupon of a certain value.  In order to use the coupon, you must fill your cart up to the value of the coupon (no more than that) and enter it to receive perks/ranks at no cost. 

Those with forum accounts accurate to their username have been tagged accordingly and matched to their Minecraft accounts to prevent potential fraud. 

Please bear in mind, it may take some time for me to reply with your code this month due to recent complications.

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