Pixelmon servers 1-3 have merged!

Pixelmon servers 1-3 have merged!

Anarchy by Anarchy on Jan 01, 1970
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After a long amount of time Oblivion Networks has decided to merge Pixelmon servers 1-3 into one large master server. 

Pixel 4-5 will be uneffected.


The merge has happened and we know you have concerns.  I will be happy to supply as much information as possible.


1. What happened to my house?

With the merge we reset the entire map on the master server (Pixel 1), everything is brand new including the spawn.


2. I use to only play on Pixel 2 or Pixel 3, what will happen to my rank, items and pokemon?

All items were wiped with the map, we can't refund any you may have lost during the merge.  As for timed ranks and pokemon, you may fill out the provided link to have your data transferred over (please note, this will take some time as all transfers are manual): https://goo.gl/forms/jsB1UXV0uvMhOh4B2


3. What will happen to my purchased rank/pokemon? 

If you had a purchase on Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 you may message me or @Yerradan here on the forums with your transaction ID for ranks or perks and your in-game username and we'll move them over. (Purchased pokemon can be moved with a data transfer request using the link above.)


If you have any other questions or concerns you may private message me here on the site, create a thread or join our Discord and ask in support.

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